• RAA Mirage

    Establishing a first ever boy brand, created for young hearts who want a chic and comfortable look year round!  A sustainable fashion brand created to offer cozy apparel with an elegant aesthetic. With each purchase, you will join us on our mission to make the world a better place.

  • Wash less, Wear more

    Always keep in mind that it’s best to wash your clothes as little as possible. Washing your clothes too often can have a negative impact on their quality while putting pressure on both the environment and your wallet. Instead of washing your garments after each use, try airing and shaking them out properly, which will most often be enough for your clothes to be good for another wear. Try to also make it a habit to spot clean stains immediately instead of using the washing machine.

  • Choose Eco-Friendly Products

    To protect both your garments and the environment, opt for eco-friendly laundry products and avoid bleach and softeners. Eco-friendly detergents are just as effective as their conventional counterparts but come with the benefit of being free from harmful chemicals and toxins. Bleach can be damaging to fabrics, while softeners cover your garments in a thin film that can impede positive attributes such as breathability and moisture absorbency.

  • Drying Organic Cotton

    Avoid tumble-drying, as this can speed up the aging of your organic cotton garments, may cause shrinkage, and also uses a considerable amount of energy. Instead, hang-dry your organic cotton garments immediately after removing them from the washing machine, and gently shake and re-shape them while doing so.

    In case of an emergency, you may tumble-dry your organic cotton garments using the air cycle (no heat). But please remember that hang drying your laundry is the most environmentally friendly and safest option.